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Born and educated in Tasmania. Kyle completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Chemistry before working in applied industrial research. 

Kyle wants to write stories that provoke readers to questions and challenge things.  

Kyle is married to Tamara and is the father to Xavier, Logan and Sabrina. 

New Release 

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2101: Spark of Hope

An enthralling adventure that explores what it means to be human and the evolution of intelligence 80 years from now. It is a world where females are preferred, and Al has become integral to everyday life. Sexuality is fluid. Augmented and synthetic life forms blur societal norms. 

I couldn't put this book down once I started. The intricate plot connected a group of unlikely heroes working together to save the human race set in the backdrop of a very plausible future and a thriller-esque series of events was a joy to read. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to find out what happens to these very interesting and diverse characters.

2101 Spark of Hope is a delightfully technical exploration into a very realistic AI based and female dominated future. The world that Kyle Gimpl has conjured from his vivid and complex imagination was enthralling and I simply couldn’t put this book down. I found myself fully immersed in the world and characters that Kyle has created. I was devastated when I got to the end of the book. I felt very connected to the characters and was fascinated to learn their diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. I am eagerly anticipating the sequel! But in the meantime the story was so loaded with information, I will be able to read 2101SOH several more times and find new details that I hadn’t noticed before.

--Hayley McIver BChE (KSU)

Obsidian Edge 0f Understanding - Pre-sale orders now available

Harenae, meaning ‘grain of sand’, is a mythical world that provides the setting for a tale of three cities. The story centres around a group of young engineers as they are thrust into a world that is not as they expected. The tale takes a human mindset into an ant-like world. The characters explore their individual freedoms through a collectivism lens. Through his unique dream experiences, Obsidian gains unique insights into the meaning of actions, events, and life in the universe.

When we look at an ant, is it really a discrete individual creature or a component of a larger organism, like a blood cell in a human body?

The tale explores the struggle of intelligent life to control chaos and the inevitability of competition, change, and repeatable patterns.

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Building Winning Organisations 

Provides the most complete framework to guide organisations striving for best in class performance. The winning organisation model features proven theory and real life examples of how the essential capabilities of Value Focus - Operational Excellence - Organisational Effectiveness - Effective Leadership must connect. 

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