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About Kyle T Gimpl 


Born and educated in Tasmania, Kyle was fortunate to grow up in a great family that enjoyed active and academic pursuits in equal measure. After completing a Bachelor of Applied Chemistry Degree, Kyle worked in food research and then automotive quality control before working in applied research in the aluminium industry. He soon found himself immersed in leadership roles and played a key role in systems leadership transformation. After a time in finance and development, he undertook executive leadership roles in mining companies in Australia and Canada. Kyle's passion for high performing organisations shone through working across a Global footprint in operational excellence. Always one to accept a challenge, he led the operational component in the greenfield development of a major national project manufacturing ammonium nitrate in Central Queensland. 

Kyle published "Building Winning Organisations" to provide the most comprehensive reference material to answer 'What makes a best class organisation?'. He has continued to work supporting leaders who aspire to build high performance teams. After a stint working in a leading Forensic Science organisation, he studied mind body Pilates inspired remedial exercise therapy.


As a lover of nature and being active in the elements, Kyle is intrigued by the diversity and genius of the world and universe. "The purpose of life is to challenge and learn," he says. I want to write stories that provoke readers to question and challenge. 

Kyle is married to Tamara and is father to Xavier, Logan and Sabrina.

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