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Writing "Obsidian- Edge of Understanding "

The characters in this story explore the meaning of collectivism, individualism and freedom framed within an imagined world. I've always been fascinated by nature and in particular ants. Placing the characters within an ecosystem from an ant perspective seemed like a good way to explore how different creatures might experience life.

Many of the experiences and difficult decisions made by the various characters have relevance to experiences and challenges facing humanity today. It seems that many of the same cause and effect scenarios have played out over time in cycles or patterns that repeat.

As much as any of us know, there is always much more to learn. One discovery leads to new questions to ponder and solve. Sometimes false or unproductive beliefs can interrupt the progression of knowledge and understanding of the world which we live.

Obsidian has the courage, and to an extent the naivety, to question and challenge well established beliefs and hierarchies. He dares to ask, "What is the meaning of his life?" and "Do the choices people make really make any difference to the bigger picture?"

Above all else, I wanted "Obsidian - Edge of Understanding" to be a fun book to read. I hope readers enjoy the experience.

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